Contact Secretary

Dave Wood    07931 669549

Club Membership Fee   £5.00 per year

Entry Fee for Trials         £20.00

Stafford Auto Club is an offroad motorcycle club that runs up to 6 motorcycle trials events per year



We are an ACU affiliated club, therefore you will need an ACU trials licence (or Trials Registration as the ACU call it) to compete in our events.

See the ACU Licence and Club Membership page for further information on how to become ACU trials registered. 

Our trials are suitable for a wide variety of riders and bikes.  See the About page for more information on the club and event format



2023 ACU Affiliation - I've cut the link to the ACU membership/licence renewal on the Membership page for the time being as payments you're making for club membership are coming through from Sport80 and/or Stripe with no details at all so I've no idea who they are coming from. Also, renewal doesn't seem to be working consistently

I'll update as and when I can lake any sense of it





2023 ACU Affiliation

The new process went live today but club officials have received little in the way of information or instruction on how to use it so at the moment we are all trying to understand how to implement it for use with our own clubs as it involves signing up to stripe payments, creating a new website to capture applications and linking it all  together.


I've tried to put together some information on the club membership page to help riders complete the process