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Contact Secretary

Dave Wood    07931 669549


Club Membership Fee   £5.00 per year

Entry Fee for Trials         £20.00

Stafford Auto Club is an offroad motorcycle club that runs up to 6 motorcycle trials events per year



We are an ACU affiliated club, therefore you will need an ACU trials licence (or Trials Registration as the ACU call it) to compete in our events.

See the ACU Licence and Club Membership page for further information on how to become ACU trials registered. 

Our trials are suitable for a wide variety of riders and bikes.  See the About page for more information on the club and event format


2023 ACU Affiliation



I've put together a rough guide on how to complete the 4 categories needed to renew your Club membership, ACU membership and Licence on the ACU Sport80 website - see word document below   (this is for trials licence only, if you want to renew others I guess the process is the same but if you have joint categories such as enduro/trials I'm not sure how the final checkout process works - this is dealing with trials only)


To renew, you need to logon to your personal account on the ACU Sport80 website and select your member profile - logon link below. Club membership fee of £5.00 must be paid to the club otherwise club membership can't be approved. This can be done using paypal or by bank transfer.  

Below are the account details for bank transfer and a link to the paypal account so your choice which you use. If you use paypal make sure you put your name in the payment and use family/friends - READ the attached paypal doc for an example, it's only three screenshots. If I get paypal payments I can't reconcile because there is no name your membership won't be updated

Same with bank payments, make sure you put your name in the reference

Same with the guide for renewing membership - READ and follow it. If you haven't yet got onto Sport80 it tells you how. It's not a comprehensive user guide, but it will get you through. It's about 20 pages but there is minimal to read, page space is taken up mainly with screen images. 

Lloyds Bank,  A/C 00450902,  S/C 30-98-00  Stafford Auto Club


Click for Sport80 login

How to send PAYPAL



How to renew Club/ACU membership/licence




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