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Contact Secretary

Dave Wood    07931 669549


Club Membership Fee   £5.00 per year

Entry Fee for Trials         £20.00

Stafford Auto Club is an offroad motorcycle club that runs up to 6 motorcycle trials events per year



We are an ACU affiliated club, therefore you will need an ACU trials licence (or Trials Registration as the ACU call it) to compete in our events.

See the ACU Licence and Club Membership page for further information on how to become ACU trials registered. 

Our trials are suitable for a wide variety of riders and bikes.  See the About page for more information on the club and event format




Licence renewals and club membership for 2024 are now open


To join Stafford Auto for the first time or to renew existing membership you will need to apply using the new ACU sport80 function for which there is a link below. 


Once through the sign-on screens you will be presented with the club membership page with the option to choose auto renewal or one time payment. I use one time payment so if you choose auto renewal I don't know how that plays out. The next screen is to certify your details are correct and you can then proceed to check out where you pay the club membership fee of £5.00 by card through the Stripe system. That's all there is to renewing your club membership


                                                                      2024 Stafford Auto Club Mmembership

2024 ACU Affiliation Renewal

Three things to do:

Renew Club Membership - as above

Renew Competitor Licence

Once you have completed your club membership renewal, from your Sport80 profile select the ACU Competitor licence option and click on the green CURRENT button. At the bottom of the page that is presented you should have an option to renew which will update the expiry date to 2024. You don't make any payment here, payment is made in the Member Details section

Renew ACU Member Details


Select the Member Details option, click on the green CURRENT button which should again give you an option to renew and checkout. If it doesn't, try NEXT PAGE and it should appear, then just select renew and checkout and pay the licence fee  -  again, if you originally opted for auto renewal when you applied for ACU membership last year I'm not sure what you'll see or how this will work




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