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ACU Membership


All riders will be required to hold an annual ACU licence to compete in Stafford Auto events (any ACU event) No licence means you have no insurance cover in the event of accidents, therefore no licence, no ride, it's as simple as that. There are no day licences for Stafford Auto events.

A further change is that the ACU will no longer issue a card licence, you can either download a 'e-licence' onto the WALLET APP on your phone or you can print off a PDF version. You will be given the option to do this via ACU email a day or so after your licence renewal


For 2023 the fee for the annual licence is £20


To apply for a licence, or renew your expiring licence, you must first take annual membership with an ACU club. Which club doesn’t matter, it’s your choice, you only have to be a member of one club to apply for a licence.


For 2023 the ACU have introduced a new website under the administration of Sport80 and this website will be used to apply for club membership and licence application. Clubs have had to create a website page associated to Sport80 from which club membership and licence renewal can be requested. To take out a club membership with Stafford Auto there is a link at the bottom of this page which will take you to the Stafford Auto/Sport80 web page

If you would like to take membership with Stafford Auto club in order to apply for your licence, annual membership is £5 and you will need to pay by card payment. Once you have completed your club membership you will receive immediate confirmation on screen together with a new link to apply/renew your licence. The £20 licence fee is again made by card payment. Your card details are not retained on either this club website or the ACU website, payment is made through the secure payment administrator Stripe


Note: To access the new ACU Sport80 website your user ID is your email address and you will need to create a new password to go with it. The first thing you must do before renewing your club membership is to set your password - do this by clicking this link which will take you to the home page where you should enter your email address and use the forgotten password prompt which will send you an email to set it    Sport80 set password   Once done you can return here and use the link below to renew your membership and licence


If you have never had ACU membership you will need to create a membership account before applying for club membership, To do this use the Sport80 set password link above but click the option that says JOIN NOW on the Sport80 page. This will load a form in which to enter your personal details. Once done return to this page and use the link to apply for club membership and your ACU licence 

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