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Stafford Auto Trials Club is affiliated to the ACU.

We run up to 6 events per year - see the Events Calendar page for a list of 2023 dates

Trials start times are 11.00am.   Entries on the day will close at 10:30am


Our 'home' venue is Manor Farm, Milwich, Staffs  ST18 0EG, where, thanks to several generations of the Berrisford family, the club have run trials for around 70 years 

The trials are all off road and cater for a wide spectrum of riders and machines, although in recent times the decision was taken to no longer set out expert level sections due to the drop off in the number of riders choosing to ride the expert route.  Despite the less testing sections, expert riders are still very welcome.

Section Layout and Route Markers


The trials now consist of two marked out routes which are labelled Hard and Easy. The hard route sections are designed to offer a reasonable challenge to clubman riders of a good standard, it is called hard purely as it is the harder of the two routes but the sections are not expert level sections. The easy route consists of sections of moderate to easy severity and caters for riders such as novices, older riders or anyone who no longer wants the challenge of the clubman standard sections and is just looking for an enjoyable day out riding.

There is also a third option of a 50/50 route that sits between the hard and easy routes where riders take in a mix of hard and easy route sections. You ride 5 hard route and 5 easy route sections.  The 50/50 option is ideal for riders who no longer want the full challenge of all harder route sections but are not ready to drop down to riding the full easy route. The sections you tackle on the hard route will be the easier ones on that route, not the harder

The sections are suitable for both modern and older bikes on either route, therefore older monoshock, twinshock and Pre65 machines are easily catered for. 


Route Marking

Route marking is Red and Blue flags for the main route. Easy route deviations are marked with Yellow and Green flags.


Hard route follow Red/Blue all through a section. Red to your right, blue to your left.


Easy route follow Red/Blue until you come to Yellow/Green deviations which you then follow. You might follow Yellow/Green right to the section end or you might rejoin Red/Blue to reach the section end. There may be more than one Yellow/Green deviation per section.  Green to your right, yellow to your left.


The 50/50 route follows the easy route Yellow/Green deviations unless the section start is marked ''50/50 follow Red/Blue'', then you ride the hard route and follow Red/Blue right through the section.

NOTE.  Section layout will probably not be suitable for younger riders on small wheel Osets or suchlike. Sections are designed for normal sized bikes and smaller wheel bikes may struggle, particularly during wet weather when there can be deep mud in places and the stream level has risen in some sections.  80cc machines from GasGas, Beta etc with larger wheels will be fine. If in doubt contact the secretary before entering

Some Videos from Milwich plus other venues

Below is a small selection of short videos showing some of our riders, past and present performing in various events at both our Milwich venue and other venues. Some show how it's done, some show some valiant efforts and a couple show how it shouldn't be done (particularly hill climbs... Ant)

A particularly muddy day at Milwich, probably 15 years ago and a demonstration of when not to apply a fistful of throttle and how to wear your boot soles out dabbing

How not to ride a TY

How not to ride a TY

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Milwich, section plotting in 2019 for the Boxing Day trial.  Best sounding trials bike ever - TYZ 4th gear